Câble de chargement 3 en 1

Câble de chargement 3 en 1

✓ Charge et synchronisation pour TOUS les appareils.

✓ Têtes rotatives avec 3 connecteurs : port iOS + port Micro USB standard + port de charge de type C nouveau style.

✓ Utilisation optimale avec la longueur 0.5m


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Danielle Keen

Excellent products. These products are excellent. Inexpensive, light in weight, and reliable. Highly recommended.

Alex M

Awesome! Wonderful to have. Not only can I charge my own devices, but I'm also able to help others who have different brands of devices.
Wraps up quick and easy.

Mark Champine

Perfect Travel Charger! These have been great so far! Perfect for travelling - the retractable system works really well. I love that there are multiple charger types in one cord. Haven’t had them long but they’ve held up beautifully so far.

Scott M. Wuerch

Compact, durable! Love it! Everyone from home or work tries to borrow from me all the time because it's so durable, compact and has multi-use for any phones. Worth the price, which is very cheap compared to overly priced and overhyped brands that don't do the job. Perfect for travel and car use!

T. Benedict

Good chargers!
This is a pretty neat idea, but beware if you need something more than a charging cable. These are not certified for any hardware, so some functionality such as android auto or car play will not work properly.

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